Trees in Redwood National Park, California (PhotoDisc)

Redwoods National Park, California (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Thinkstock)


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What to do in Redwood National Park

The name of this national park almost says it all. Yes, the trees of Redwood National Park do exceed expectation, living up to 2,000 years and reaching heights in excess of 350 feet. But this park hosts a lot more than the iconic redwoods. Together with three nearby state parks, the 130,000-plus acres protect nearly half the remaining coastal redwood old-growth forests, home to a veritable zoo of animals. Roosevelt elk roam the expansive prairies, threatened northern spotted owls perch in the trees, and bright yellow banana slugs dot the hiking trails. The tidal pools that line the coast harbor mussels, crabs, anemones, and sea stars, while out in the ocean, gray whales make their migration and sea lions and harbor seals frolic. The redwoods may be the headliner in these parts, but the wildlife is an undeniably compelling co-star.