Vineyards in Sonoma, California (Robert Glusic/Photodisc)

Mustard Field, Sonoma, California (iStockphoto)

Vineyard, Sonoma Valley, California (

Terraced Vineyards, Sonoma, California (iStockphoto)

Wine Grapes, Sonoma, California (Hemera)

Vineyard in Autumn, Sonoma, California (Hemera)


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What to do in Sonoma

Sonoma’s first residents, the indigenous tribespeople who migrated down the coast as part of the great Asian migration over the Bering land bridge some 12,000 years ago, certainly knew a good thing when they found it. The soil is fertile and the climate conditions are ideal for farming, not to mention the abundant game and fish. Fast forward to the 21st century and you can applaud Sonoma Valley’s efforts to cherish its natural riches. The green scene here is no fad, with local vineyards, restaurants, and suppliers working to create a low-impact, sustainable footprint. Think farm-to-table menus, pesticide-free grapes, solar-powered wineries, and green adventures that will give you a little taste of what life might’ve been like here millennia before the first hybrid purred its eco-friendly way along these same rolling NoCal byways.

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