Boats in Berkeley Marina, California (iStockphoto)

Berkeley College, Berkeley, California (Berkelely College/Flickr)


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What to do in Berkeley

Berkeley is no stranger to social or political undertakings, so it’s no shock that this city helped start the farm-to-table food movement. Forty years ago, chef Alice Waters founded world-famous restaurant Chez Panisse there. A nod to Waters’s political and culinary philosophies, the restaurant serves only food that is fresh, organic, and locally sourced. It also encouraged like-minded restaurateurs to establish themselves nearby, creating the “Gourmet Ghetto,” Berkeley’s culinary hot spot on Shattuck Avenue between Rose and Hearst streets. It’s the site of the first Peet’s Coffee and Tea and is home to the Cheese Board Collective, a worker-owned business specializing in fresh cheeses, baked goods, and pizzas. On a sunny day, Bay Area residents lounge on Shattuck’s grassy median and share slices of pizza. Visitors should, too.