What to do in Buckskin Mountain State Park

The State Park scenically located between the Buckskin Mountains and the Colorado River attracts both nature lovers and water enthusiasts. Hikers are enticed to explore the area via three developed trails that ascend steep bluffs to panoramic overlooks. The river draws pleasure boaters, water skiers and swimmers to this 400 foot elevation recreation area. Anglers vie for a multitude of fish such as largemouth bass, crappie, channel catfish and bluegill. The River Island unit, one mile north of the main park, is ideal for tent campers.

Park facilities include a campground with 105 sites, a beach, trails, restrooms, showers, a boat ramp, picnic area, cabanas, basketball and volleyball courts, a playground, a camp store, a restaurant, a gas dock and a ranger station. The River Island unit offers a Ramada, a group use area, a sandy beach, a boat launch a restroom with showers and a ranger station.

Recreational facilities within the park include camping, hiking, fishing, boating (renting available), picnicking, swimming, volleyball, basketball and viewing scenery.

Buckskin Mountain State Park is located in the western Arizona and sits, along the Colorado River and the California border. Buckskin can be reached by traveling approximately 11 miles north of Parker on State Highway 95.

The climate of Arizona varies greatly with elevation. Southern Arizona and the low elevations experience a desert climate. Buckskin Mountain has a low elevation of approximately 420 ft. During the summer months, expect very hot temperatures with afternoon thunderstorms possible especially in July and August. Daytime high temperatures can exceed 115 degrees. Winter brings moderate temperatures to the low elevations, with warm days and cool to cold nights. Winter is a good time to experience these normally snow free areas. Fall and spring are transitional periods and can also be nice times to visit these desert regions. Be prepared for cool temperatures at higher elevations and dress in layers for your travels in this state of varying climates.

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