What to do in Browntown-Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area

Browntown-Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area is located in southern Wisconsin featuring two spring-fed lakes. Zander Lake was dammed in 1948 and Beckman in 1965. The 629-acre day use is a wonderful park for relaxing and watching wildlife. The park has an assemblage of trees including box elder, white pine, red pine, black oak and burr oak. Red mulberry bushes along with blackberry and raspberry patches punctuate the landscape. Wildlife making their home at the recreation area includes beaver, raccoon, mink, muskrat, vast bird numbers, insects, reptiles, and a plethora of amphibians.

Browntown-Cadiz Springs SRA is a day use facility in Southern Wisconsin. Two lakes provide an array of recreation from paddlesports, to electric boat trolling, to shoreline fishing. Zander and Beckman lakes have populations of largemouth bass, northern pike, and pan fish. Trout are stocked at Zander Lake. State fishing regulations apply. The park does have a 45-yard-long swimming beach composed of sand and grass. A picnic area is located waterside. No lifeguards. Berry picking is a popular pastime at Browntown-Cadiz Springs SRA. Red mulberry bushes provide ample August harvests for both humans and birds. Patches of blackberry and raspberry punctuate the landscape. The park has several trails that slice the viewscape including a panorama across the dike. In addition to wonderful bird watching, especially sights of the belted kingfishers, walking the area is a lesson in natural history. Interpretive signs provide the details. Another bonus of hiking the trails is the wonderful plant life. Cattails pervade the water's edge and white lilies float lazily at the surface providing a resting spot for the hundreds of damselflies and dragonflies.

Folks come to Browntown-Cadiz Springs SRA to fish, swim, canoe, sail, watch wildlife, hike, and berry pick.

The State Recreation Area is located seven miles west of Monroe off State Route 11.

Southeast Wisconsin has four distinct seasons with warm summers and long winters. January's average temperature is above 16 degrees F (-9 degrees C). Average July temperature is 85 degrees F (29 degrees C). During summer, temperatures can climb to above 90 degrees F (32 degrees C). The area's average yearly precipitation ranges from 32-34". Annual snowfalls in the Southeast Region can range from 20 - 50". Dressing in layers is a good way to remain comfortable in Wisconsin.

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