The Baths, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean (Corbis)

Lambert Beach, Tortola, British Virgin Islands (Wikimedia)

Standing in the Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands (Karl Weatherly/Photodisc Getty)

Marina Cay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI Tourist Board)

The Baths in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean (Go Caribbean)


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What to do in British Virgin Islands

More than 60 islands make up the British Virgin Islands, including Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, and Tortola, which is the largest and most populated. Though the islands are still under the English crown, the country feels more American than British, especially since many of its supplies are shipped from the U.S. Virgin Islands’ St. Thomas, a short boat ride away. Tortola has all the nightlife and activity, as well as Sage Mountain National Park, a 92-acre preserve with plenty of walking trails and the highest point in the BVI at 1,800 feet. Quiet, less-populated Virgin Gorda has The Baths, an extraordinary natural area with caves, rock formations, and tunnels to navigate before you’re rewarded with a stunning private beach where you can swim, sun, or snorkel.

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