What to do in Bridle Trails State Park

This 481 acre park has facilities specifically for the horse enthusiast. A special amenity are the well-maintained horseback riding trails in a forest environment.

Other amenities are 30 tables, two stoves, 12 hose bibbs, three drinking fountains, four barbecue stoves, one comfort station, large arena, paddock and warm-up ring, warm-up jump area, food service building (used during horse shows only), a grandstand and judges stand, 28 miles of multi-use trails and 900 feet of road.

Horseback riding, horse shows, picnicking, jogging, bird watching and walking.

Bridle Trails State Park is located three miles northeast of Bellevue in King County. The Park entrance is at N.E. 53rd and 116th N.E.

The low rolling hills and sheltered inland salt water that make up the Puget Sound basin produce a mild, marine climate characterized by wintertime clouds, rain, and sometimes a light snow, but lots of summertime sunshine.

Maximum winter temperatures are in the mid- to high 40s with minimum temperatures in the mid 30s. Summers are warm with maximum and minimum temperatures in the mid 70s and low 50s, respectively. This area averages 51 inches of precipitation per year.

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