What to do in Bradbury Mountain State Park

Bradbury Mountain has a great diversity of plant life with many species of trees, shrubs, flowers, ferns and mushrooms. The area is a result of glacial sculpting leaving behind deep slopes, boulders and clay landscapes.

The State of Maine acquired Bradbury Mountain from the Federal government in 1939, making it one of the five original state parks. Today, over 400 acres provide homes for small mammals to big moose. Visitors will find squirrels, songbirds, foxes, deer and wild turkey living among the beautiful slopes and boulders. Eagles and hawks may be seen soaring on the thermals over the mountain during spring and fall migrations. Fall leaves attract many to the park who choose to camp, hike or picnic.

A .25 trail is located on top of Bradbury Mountain offering wonderful views of the coast. Several other shorter trails are available as well. Camping at 41 tent and RV sites is offered at a nominal fee. Picnicking at an open table or under a shelter is enjoyed by many. A playground and ball field are offered near the picnic area. During the cold winter months, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling are permitted on miles of groomed trails. An interesting site is the Cattle Pound. It was constructed back in the 19th century to hold stray cattle until their owners could claim them. The large pit is lined with bedrock and is a testament to the industrious nature of the early settlers.

Bradbury Mt. State Park is located in Pownal, five miles from the Freeport-Durham exit off Interstate 95.

The Greater Portland and Casco Bay Region sees daytime winter temperatures averaging above 18 degrees Fahrenheit (above -8 Celsius). Summers are pleasant and rarely experience hot days. The visitor can expect daytime temperatures to range above 68 degrees Fahrenheit (above 20 Celsius). The region has an average precipitation of more than 44 inches (112 centimeters) each year. Summer rainfall averages 3 - 4 inches per month.

528 Hallowell Road
Pownal, ME 04069

Phone: 207-688-4712

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