What to do in Boyd Lake State Park


The most modern water sports facility in northern Colorado, Boyd Lake State Park boasts over 1,700 surface acres of water. A sandy beach and seasonably warm water make Boyd a favorite among water-sport enthusiasts. Modern camping facilities, picnic areas, a playground and a trail system round out the activities. This family oriented park is the perfect place for visitors of all ages.

The pelicans display their full wingspan as they glide gracefully to a landing on the clear surface of the lake. The sun reflects across the gentle ripples made in their wake. In the distance, a sailboat flies on the breeze, fisherman cast for that trophy catch and families play and picnic on a sandy beach. This is Boyd Lake State Park

Boyd Lake State Park supports many types of water sports including canoeing, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, water skiing and swimming. During warm weather the park is popular for picnicking and camping. The area offers a variety of regattas, hydroplane races and other special events.

Directions - Exit I-25 west at U.S. 34 near Loveland, turn north onto Madison Avenue, then follow the signs. Boyd Lake State Recreation Area is located northeast of Loveland, Colorado. Loveland is surrounded by many lakes, Boyd Lake being the largest. The region forms the terminus of the high plains.

Climate conditions in Colorado should be taken seriously throughout the state. Snow and ice are common on roads and trails from mid-October through late April. In the summer months, snow is still possible but less common. Varying conditions throughout a given day can be expected throughout the year. Remember that summer days can typically have beautiful sunny mornings and short sudden thunderstorms in the afternoon. Please prepare appropriately for your outdoor experience.

3720 N. County Road 11-C
Loveland, CO 80537

Phone: 970-669-1739

Email: boyd.lake@state.co.us
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