What to do in Bonny Lake State Park

An eastern Colorado oasis-on-the-plains, Bonny Lake's tree-lined shores are a welcome change to the rolling prairie grasslands that surround the park. During the summer weekends, this state park is crowded with locals from nearby community. The park encompasses 6,900 acres, 1,900 of which form Lake Bonny.

Well known for quality water-based recreation, Bonny Lake offers a pleasant combination of modern facilities and large expanses of prairie and riparian open space. The facilities include two beaches, four campgrounds, picnic grounds, boat ramps, a marina, fish-cleaning station and a laundry.

Recreation opportunities within Bonny Lake State Park are vast and may be enjoyed in all seasons. Fishing for walleye, northern pike and a variety of bass at Bonny is well-known and exceptional. Beautiful sandy beaches, dependable winds, the Bonny Dam Marina and seasonably warm water make Bonny a great destination for swimmers, windsurfers and water skiers. Well-known for boating, fishing and hunting, the area also supports excellent bird watching.

Bonny Lake State Park is located on the eastern plains of northern Colorado. It is 23 miles north of Interstate 70 and Burlington, Colorado. The reservoir lies on the Republican River.

Bonny State Park is located on the high, central-eastern plains of Colorado. This region sees hot summer days and nights, and cool winter days with cold nights. Due to the elevation snow accumulation as well as severe winter storms occur. Few wind barriers exist in this region so it is always a factor. The amount of precipitation is minimal, and the climate considered dry.

30010 County Rd 3
Idalia, CO 80735

Phone: 970-354-7306

Email: bonny@ruralnet.net
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