What to do in Bogachiel State Park

This state park covers 123 acres with 2,800 feet of freshwater shoreline frontage along the Bogachiel River. One-half mile of paved asphalt road and 1/2 mile of foot trails provide access to the park.

Camping facilities in the park include 34 standard campsites, six utility sites and two primitive sites. There are two comfort stations, two shelters and an Adirondack shelter. A day use area with six picnic sites and a community kitchen is served by the campground comfort stations.

Activities enjoyed in the park include fishing, camping, picnicking, hiking and rafting on the Bogachiel River.

Bogachiel State Park is located six miles south of Forks, on both sides of Highway 101.

The climate in this area is influenced by the Olympic Mountains. It is generally a marine climate, but with lower temperatures and higher precipitation than areas surrounded by water.

Winters are cool and cloudy with rain and some snow. Maximum winter temperatures are in the mid 40s with minimum temperatures in the low to mid 30s. Summers are warm and relatively dry with maximum and minimum temperatures in the low 70s and mid 40s, respectively. This area averages 119 inches of precipitation per year.

185983 Highway 101
Forks, WA 98331

Phone: 360-374-6356

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