Elevated view of Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda, Caribbean (Stuart Gregory/Photodisc/Getty)

Rocky beach in Bermuda (Hemera)

Beach in Horshoe bay Bermuda (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Bermuda

Bermuda has reached beyond its pirate-rich past identity to become the East Coast’s answer to the West Coast’s Mexico. Its pink-sand beaches are legendary, hugging blue waters warmed by the Gulf Stream and strewn with brilliant coral reefs—all only a short flight from the States. The island vibe is so laid-back that a certain fashion-less fashion statement was renamed to reflect the island’s love for the trousers, which are considered appropriate business wear. Though Bermuda is relatively carless, it’s just as well. Rent a moped, available on seemingly every corner block, and explore the crooked streets of the 400-year-old colonial town of St. George's, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Or take an afternoon to swing your clubs at Bermuda’s ocean-side golf courses or admire the view from large historic forts left over from the British army.

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