Canal in Bruges, Belgium (Corel)

Buildings in Bruges, Belgium (Corel)

Snow and Ice Festival in Bruges, Belgium (Bruges Snow and Ice Festival)

Boats and buildings in Bruges, Belgium (Corel)


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What to do in Bruges

The fanciful and tidy architectural beauty of Bruges, a medieval Belgian city built on winding canals, is undeniable. First discovered by Vikings in the 9th century, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has long drawn visitors to marvel at its world-famous collection of paintings and its 13th-century, 83-meter-high belfry, which houses a resounding carillon of 47 bells and still employs a full-time carillonneur. In the past, the carillon was used to communicate messages to the people of Bruges: Each bell had a distinct sound and function, be it signifying danger or merely the time of day. Today, the belfry tower is accessible by climbing 366 steps to the glorious view at the top.

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