Barbuda (Getty)

Beach on Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Tourism)

Beach House Hotel in Barbuda (Beach House Hotel)

Palm trees and sunset, Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean (Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Tourism)


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What to do in Barbuda

At first glance, Barbuda seems to be yet another typical Caribbean island paradise—with its sandy beaches, warm water, and towering palms. But this land’s claim to fame, however, is its storied past. Just 200 years after Christopher Columbus’s arrival, brothers Christopher and John Codrington leased the land, and eventually the surrounding reef, from the British government. Scouring sunken treasure and enlisting slave labor, the Codrington family’s influence reigned supreme, and an arsenal of sugar plantations supplied wealth to Barbuda and neighboring Antigua. Now-a-days, much of the population can trace their lineage back to the initial group of slaves brought over to work the land, and throughout a ping-pong of control, the Codringtons’ influence prevailed and is still evident today.

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