Shop signs in Salzburg, Austria (PhotoDisc)

Hohensalzburg Fortress view from the Salzach River in Salzburg, Austria (Dennis Flaherty/Photodisc/Getty)

Hallstatt town by lake, Salzburger Land, Austria (Manchan/Digital Vision/Getty)

Salzburg, Austria (iStockphoto)

Cityscape of Salzburg, Austria (iStockphoto)

Salzburg, Austria in Winter (iStockphoto)


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Donald rates Salzburg
We have been to Salzburg three times and enjoyed it. The town is easily covered by foot although we would advise spending more than one day there to take the time to enjoy all it has to offer. A car is helpful to get to other places in the Salzcammergut that are very attractive. Do some research and you'll find out.
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