Beach buildings in Melbourne, Australia (Tourism Australia)

Cafes & restaurants in Melbourne, Australia (Tourism Australia)

Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia (Tourism Australia)

Skyline and Transport Trams in Melbourne, Australia (Tourism Australia)

Skyline and river, Melbourne, Australia (Tourism Australia)

Skyline and bridge over Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia (Tourism Australia)


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What to do in Melbourne

The heart of Melbourne lies in its little-known spaces—eclectic laneways, charming precincts, and lively inner suburbs—hidden within well-ordered streets. These alleys, often covered with eye-popping graffiti, are home to underground jazz clubs, funky art galleries, wine bars, eateries, and boutiques. A guided walk uncovers such gems as Hosier Lane (teeming with art installations), ACDC Lane (named after the Australian rock export), and Duckboard Place (peppered with popular bars). The city’s precincts boast unique personalities, from Chinatown to the trendy boîtes and writers’ studios of Flinders Quarter. Check out the Carlton suburb for the Melbourne Museum, the University of Melbourne, and the World Heritage–listed Royal Exhibition Building. The ’hood of Prahran and Windsor has a Bohemian flavor, with vintage shops and edgy eateries.

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