Skylne of Adelaide, Australia (Jeremy Woodhouse/Digital Vision/Getty)

Botanic Garden in Adelaide, Australia (South Australian Tourism)


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Fat Paddler rates Adelaide
Adelaide is pretty sleepy but if you can find it, it has a great underground nightlife centered around wine and vodka bars. Surrounding the city are plenty of wine regions (eg Barossa, Claire Valley, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale) and if you check, there's usually a jazz, food and wine festival on somewhere attended by much of Adelaide's locals. Adelaide also has miles and miles of beaches which are great during the hot summer months, but don't expect much surf here as Kangaroo Island to the south blocks off swell coming from the Southern Ocean. Adelaide has a thriving restaurant scene, possibly the best in Australia, with lots of top quality and reasonably priced restaurants both dotted down the coast and in the CBD itself (especially around Gouger Street and Henley Square). Really, eating and drinking are the highlights of this city!
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