Skyline and bridge in Brisbane, Australia (Tourism Australia)

Sunshine over early morning in Brisbane from air (Hemera)


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What to do in Brisbane

Located a stone’s throw from Australia’s Gold Coast, Brisbane is the Aussie answer to Chicago—with sunshine in the place of wind. Indeed, with a population of 1.8 million, Brisbane is the country’s third largest city and lately has emerged as a buzzing destination where foodies and fashionistas rub elbows with artists and jocks. A great orientation strategy: Join the hop-on-hop-off City Sites tour, passing botanical gardens, the Brisbane rugby stadium, XXXX Brewery, and the celebrated urban beaches along the Brisbane River. Old and new neighborhoods stand cheek and jowl, and beyond the newfangled waterfront, there are many remnants of the colonial era worth visiting. Those interested in native Aboriginal cultures can stop by the Musgrave Park Cultural Centre, which focuses on tribal arts and history.

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