Cityscape of Sydney, Australia (Tourism Australia)

Skyline and Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia (Tourism Australia)

View from sea plane in Sydney, Australia (Leanne Mitchell)

Harbour City skyline, Sydney, Australia (Tourism NSW)

Skyline at night, Sydney, Australia (Tourism Australia)

Aerial of Sydney, Australia (Tourism Australia)

Sydney (iStockphoto)


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Fat Paddler rates Sydney
I'm a local so I'm biased, but seriously I think Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world. Combine the sub-tropical weather with stunning beaches and the harbour and you get a place that is centred around outdoor lifestyles and living. Highlights for visitors include: paddling on the Harbour, the Bondi Beach to Bronte coast walk, climbing the Harbour Bridge, visiting the Opera House, hiking in the Blue Mountains or simply sitting in a harbour-side bar drinking wine in the afternoon sun! You can also use it as a base for visiting either the NSW Central Coast or the Emerald Coast to the south. And don't forget a visit to the Hunter Valley wine region.
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