Palm Beach, Aruba, Caribbean (PhotoDisc)

Divi-divi tree in Aruba, Caribbean (Medioimages/PhotoDisc/Getty)

Beach chairs in Aruba, Caribbean (Purestock/Getty)

Palm Beach, Aruba, Caribbean (Digital Vision)


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What to do in Aruba

Aruba, a former Dutch colony some 15 miles from the coast of Venezuela, is beach-bum heaven. Among the most tourist-friendly of all Caribbean destinations and a typical stop on most Caribbean cruises, Aruba is known for its flawless weather and sugar-sand beaches. The downtown includes restaurants hawking fruity cocktails and fresh local seafood, a handful of casinos with popular games like Caribbean stud poker, and an assortment of shopping options, from tourist kitsch to high-end clothing retailers. Beaches toward the island’s southeast tip offer some of the most interesting snorkeling and diving spots on the island, while Arikok National Park, along the island’s northeast spine, is ideal for a morning hike among wild goats, donkeys, Aruban whiptail lizards, and burrowing owls.

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