Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona (Stockbyte/Getty)

Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona (Willard Clay/Photographers Choice/Getty)


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What to do in Sedona

Sedona’s star attractions aren’t animals or maps to celebrities’ homes, but rather minerals: Cathedral Rock, Coffee Pot Rock, and Thunder Mountain, the hulking red sandstone monoliths that watch over town. The awesome power of these buttes attracts artists, healers, and mystics of all types. As a result, an array of resorts have sprouted, and the main drag is choked with residents decked out in turquoise jewelry, pale-legged tourists, tchotchke shops, and the ubiquitous pink Jeeps of a local off-road-driving outfitter. Still, Sedona has an undeniable magic. Some credit the handful of “vortexes”—locations said to have magnetic energy—dotted throughout the area. Others thank the surreally beautiful backdrop of green valleys, burnt-red rocks, and Oak Creek Canyon, a verdant shade-blessed chasm that stretches north from town.

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