Skyline of Buenos Aires,Argentina (Jeremy Woodhouse/Photodisc/Getty)

Couple in San Telmo, Buenos Aires (Patagonik Works/Photographer's Choice)


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Pete-at-Away rates Buenos Aires
We went to BA on our honeymoon and absolutely loved the place. It has a very "Old European" feel, but much cheaper and an added South American flavor (albeit a little grungier as well). Careful on the sidewalks since they have a nasty habit of not picking up after their dogs. Highly suggest going to a Parrilla (steak house), we really enjoyed La Cabrera in Palermo Soho. Like Europe, they don't eat till late so don't try to go before 8ish. The subway is fairly easy to use to get around the city, but be very careful of pick pockets. A pick-pocket was standing a little too close to my wife and almost grabbed something before I realized and pushed him away. Mendoza is also only a quick flight/long bus ride away. Flights are fairly cheap and it's well worth it to sip Malbec's with the amazing backdrop of the Andes.
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jchandler rates Buenos Aires
traveled to BA many times for business and found the city vibrant, and fun. And I found the locals to be friendly. Crazy traffic however. A must do is to enjoy the city and then escape to the countryside. Can't wait to go back as a vacationer someday.
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