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Where are some good bars and restaurants in Seattle?

Visiting Seattle on a business trip after Labor Day, would like to know where the locals eat!
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I am not sure what part of town you will be staying in, but here are a few of my favorites in the downtown/Belltown area:

Check out Palace Kitchen which is lively every night of the week. It has a great bar that would be perfect for a solo diner or group. Mistral Kitchen is also top notch but a bit more formal. Cafe Campagne or Steelhead diner are good options next to Pike Place market. Serious Pie has excellent pizza and two locations, one in Belltown and the other nearby in South Lake Union. If you have some time during the day, head down to Salumi in Pioneer Square for house made salami and other cured meat sandwiches. They are only open for lunch.

I would avoid all of the places down on the waterfront.
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