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what is there to do in st maarten

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Hi Traveler. I can't be of too much help because we were in port at St. Maarten for just a day. The shopping is decent on both the French & Dutch side. Some of our fellow cruise ship fellows had a taxi take them on a loop around the island just to see everything. They said that this was a blast. Much like St. Thomas, Philipsburg has many jewelry shops (but do your research!) and the beaches all over the island are gorgeous. Go diving, rent a kayak or Hobie Cat, rent a bike and explore the island & history. If you like nightlife, St. Maarten/St.Martin have plenty of night clubs, casinos, beach bars, and even a St. Maarten Party Bus to bar hop all night.
  • MrsJBolt
     answered this on April 26, 2012 at 08:04 AM
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