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what inexpensive restaurants in prague, cz near Stare Mesto?

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Hello there! I've spent more time in Stare Mesto/Wenceslas area, but there are a couple places I've tried. U Maleho Glena is owned by an expat American, has a great little jazz bar in the basement, and serves quesedillas, tex-mex, etc. Pivnice U Svejku feels a bit touristy but I found it was a good place for traditional Czech food. U Strare Studny is a small bar (cognac on tap) in a medieval building serving Czech fare. Cerny Orel is decent as well. I might steer away from places right near the Castle and the touristy shops/streets between the Castle and the Charles Bridge. Just step one street off the main drag and you'll find something more genuine.
  • Evelyn
     answered this on September 06, 2012 at 11:14 AM
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