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We are traveling from Durango, CO en route to Minneapolis, MN the end of June with our...

We are traveling from Durango, CO en route to Minneapolis, MN the end of June with our two year old chocolate lab. We want to visit Yellowstone Park. What can we do? Where can we hike? Stay? Camp? We do not want to leave the dog unattended in our vehicle. Advice?
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     asked this on May 29, 2011 at 08:47 AM
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The National Park Service has some very explicit rules regarding pets in Yellowstone, including the fact that your lab is not allowed to join you on any of the trails or boardwalks and cannot be more than 100 yards from roads, parking areas, and campgrounds. Xanterra does have some cabin facilities in Yellowstone that accommodate pets, including the cabins at Lake Hotel, Lake Lodge, Mammoth Hotel, Canyon Lodge, Old Faithful Lodge, and Snow Lodge. Pets are allowed at campgrounds but must be leashed and under control at all times, plus cannot be tethered at any time on their own. An alternative, given your route toward Minneapolis, might be to skip Yellowstone and take in the Turtle Rock Trail at Vedauwoo Recreation Area, a little-known rec area east of Laramie, WY, which ranks #2 in's list of top 10 places to hike with dogs. From there, continue on toward the South Dakota Black Hills, which offers tons of pet-friendly hikes like the trail along along Grizzly Bear Creek. Here, dogs can swim and roam to their hearts' content, plus this hike gifts you blockbuster eye-level views over to Mount Rushmore from atop the granite spires that line the trail. Here's a link to that top dog hikes article I mentioned:
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