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we are looking for 2 small cottages, near the beach. when i was a kid my dad always took...

we are looking for 2 small cottages, near the beach. when i was a kid my dad always took the family to rehobath beach where we rented a samll cottage. our activities, besides the beach included clamming, crabbing and deep sea fishing. my husband and i spent our honeymoon there and i was disappointed to see that clamming was no longer permitted. what is the boardwalk like now (34 yrs later)? What kind of activities are available. I really do not want to go to N.J. and the carnival boardwalk life, however, with small grandchildren and grown children, we do want to find more to do than what was available 34 yrs ago, which was close to nothing. everything had been closed up even though it was the end of July. And once we get there, we really don't want to have to travel to another area for entertainment. has Rehobath Beach been revitalized?
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     asked this on January 17, 2011 at 10:23 AM
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I was in Rehoboth last year with my family, though I suspect that it's quite a bit more developed three decades on. Still, it's a great spot to visit with the family, with an easily accessible beach/boardwalk and family-friendly restaurants and activities. Check out the following link for local real-estate listings, as much of the accommodation is private vacation-rentals and condos as opposed to hotels. If you can't find anything that suits in Rehoboth, take a look at Dewey, too, which is similarly family-friendly, if not even more laid-back.
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     answered this on January 21, 2011 at 11:36 AM
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