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Type of Tours/Excursions Available in Bermuda

Tour of Island - seeing heart of Bermuda and shopping
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There are loads of tour offerings for exploring Bermuda, from organized excursions to guided walking tours to Segway-propelled adventures. The following link offers some more detail about some of these different options: Myself, I'd go the self-guided route, including the ever-popular one of renting a motor scooter and exploring at your own pace. Bermuda also has an extensive rehabilitated rail-trail that stretches almost the entire width of the island. Rent a bike from a local shop like Eve's in either Paget or Hamilton and enjoy the freedom of two wheels. (More useful on the Bermuda Railway Trail can be found here: Another useful recommendation is to pick up a copy the tourist board's "Bermuda East to West" for some helpful info on places to see and ways to get around. The visitor information bureaus in towns like Hamilton and St. George also schedule free walking tours, including one with Hamilton's town crier! Check out this link for loads more ideas about free things to see and do on Bermuda, including the best local sightseeing and places to shop, dance, dine, party, and more!
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