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Things to do in Green Bay, WI?

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I canvassed opinion from some relatives I have in the Badger State and who know Green Bay. Here are a few highlights!

- Most obviously, the Packers are the big attraction. Lambeau Field conducts tours, has a great restaurant, Curly's Pub, and a two-story gift shop that is open year-round. Many practice sessions are open to the public and the Packer Hall of Fame is located in the stadium's atrium.

- Bay Beach Amusement Park is a city-owned park with about 20 carnival-type rides like the tilt-a-whirl, scrambler, a Ferris wheel, a mini-train that loops around the park, and several rides for 2- to 6-year-olds. New this year is a roller coaster brought in from Memphis that claims to be Elvis' favorite. The big attraction of the park is that most of the rides are just 25-50 cents, instead of the usual carnival ripoff of $1-3 per ride. It is really affordable for the whole family. They even have a huge picnic area so you can carry in your own food and eat whatever you want. It's located right off the Bay downtown.

- Watch the Green Bay Blizzard Arena football games at the Resch Center, located right across the street from Lambeau Field. They play during the spring after the Packers' season is over. The field is the size of a hockey rink, the first couple rows of seats are right next to the players. Sometimes when they tackle each other, they come right up into the stands.

- The Green Bay Gamblers, a semi-pro hockey team also play at the Resch Center in the winter.

- Heritage Hill is a small "old-time" community with little houses, schools, and other buildings and actors that take you back to the 1800's.

- There is a Railroad Museum with many old Railroad cars and even a working train that gives you a short ride.

- The Wildlife Sanctuary is located right acroos from the Bay Beach amusement park.

- Lots of shopping in the Fox River valley. It's also the gateway to Door County which is a great year-round vacation area.
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