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sightseeing or touris attractions in the mother lode?

  • Darleen
     asked this on July 06, 2011 at 04:43 PM
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Wow, where to begin. California's Gold Country - aka, Mother Lode Country - covers a distance of about 250 miles between Sierra County in the state's northern Sierra mountains, close to Reno, Nevada, to Mariposa County in the south, the gateway to Yosemite. It traces the historic trail of Highway 49 and much of California's pioneering "49er" Gold Rush history. Too many highlights to count, but the Mother Lode takes you through the outdoor mecca of Lake Tahoe, historic old West mining towns like Nevada City and Angel's Camp, the scenic, rolling vineyards of Amador County southeast of Sacramento, and the outdoor playgrounds of Tuolumne and Mariposa counties. It's a great trip in any season. Some other seasonal highlights? Raft the American River near Placerville; ski the world-famous resorts around Lake Tahoe; or take it slow and sample the culinary delights of the farms and inns of Central California near Mariposa. The California Tourism Board actually has a very good website, packed with trips ideas and itineraries at: You can also find more info about the various regions of California Gold Country here:
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