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Most scenic route from KY to FL

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You don't say where you're headed to in Florida, nor where you're starting out from in Kentucky. However, know that things flatten out pretty quickly once you leave Kentucky. Obviously, the Smokies and stretch of Blue Ridge Parkway down toward Asheville, North Carolina, provide plenty of scenic overlooks and outlooks. I'd be inclined to say skip the mega highways of Atlanta, Georgia, and cut east across North Carolina to hit the coastal roads that run down the coast between Myrtle Beach and Jacksonville. Lots of pretty coastal towns, beaches, and views to enjoy that will keep you away from the hideous I-95 corridor. Depends, of course, on your timing and exact route, as you may need to get to your destination quicker than this option allows.
  • Alistair
     answered this on August 22, 2012 at 02:42 PM
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