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I've heard of food tours but I don't really know what one is.

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     asked this on June 19, 2012 at 11:17 AM
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Food tours are popping up all over the world. It's a great way to learn about a city. The food tour company in Madison is Madison Food Explorers. They currently have two tours and operate Tuesday-Sunday. One tour explores the downtown area with the State Capital, Frank Lloyd Wright's Monona Terrace and the UW-Madison Memorial Union. Basically your guide takes you through the city stopping at many restaurants to sample food. Along the way you learn about Madison's history, culture and architecture.

By the end of the tour, you are well fed, full of Madison knowledge and well-equipped to explore Madison on your own. It's a perfect thing to do for people new to Madison as well as those that have lived there a life time.
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