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Is there a bad time to visit Hawaii?

I'd like to avoid wet season, plus times when airfare is highest and hotels are at their most expensive.
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HI Kathy,

Summertime, when families descend on Hawai‘i, constitutes high season. So does wintertime (from mid-December through March), when a blanket of brrrr covers most of the mainland. Holiday periods like Thanksgiving and Easter also draw throngs. Be careful about coming in late April: There are three simultaneous holidays in Japan at that time, which means the Japanese are traveling in greater numbers than usual.

In general, the north and eastward facing coasts tend to get more rain. But even when it's raining on the north or eastern shore, it's often not on the south or westerly shores. And rain showers don't tend to last that long, like they do on the mainland.

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Kim Grant
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     answered this on June 22, 2011 at 10:51 PM
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