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I would love advise on public transport in budapest

I am currently staying at the Danubius Hotel Arena
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     asked this on February 25, 2012 at 07:41 PM
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There are many public transport avenues. Buses, trolly's, train, trams and my favorite is the Metro (underground train). If you really want to get to know the real Hungary, stay away from the tourist traps...and there are many. Outside of like night and day. They are lovely people and am sure you'll fall in love with that nation. Did you know that there are a minority of Hungarians that live in Romania? They live primarily in central cities and villages (NOTHING like the USA) One of my favorite places is called Brasov' and Sinaia.

Most transportation in Budapest require tickets to be purchased ahead of time. I found out the hard way that not registering with the American Embassy could be disastrous in case of emergency.
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