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Has anyone stayed longer than a few weeks in Italy?

I want to rent/share an apartment in a medium-sized city and tour by train. Got six weeks. What city? What region?
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I lived in Perugia, Umbria - central Italy, between Florence and Rome, a bit closer to Florence - for 4 months in spring 2007. It was AMAZING. Medium sized, young, vibrant, and global city, beautiful, plenty to see and do, and very centrally located to other places. I would recommend it to anyone, hands down. Spectacular. While there, a few of us rented Vespas and took a road trip to Siena - long trip via Vespa, but absolutely wonderful. Among other things, we ended up in a town called Greve in Tuscany, and went to a beautiful winery called Montefioralle - The most adorable older man named Fernando Sieni does private wine tastings and cooks homemade meals for people there - hands down, one of the best meals in my life.
  • Alana
     answered this on July 31, 2013 at 11:14 PM
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