Frequently Asked Questions

This question-and-answer service connects travelers who NEED HELP PLANNING their vacations with travel enthusiasts who are able to SHARE THEIR TRAVEL EXPERTISE. Think of the community of travelers and in-house experts as your worldwide network of destination concierges. But to make the most of our collective well of global travel expertise, here are some tips to get you on the right path:

Asking Questions

  • Search past questions to see if your query has already been answered (note: it's never been easier with our fabulous new search shortcut!). Save yourself time, plus help us avoid unnecessary duplication.
  • Keep your questions specific and include as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing. For example, instead of asking, "Where is the best beach?", specify the region (i.e. Caribbean, Central America, U.S. West Coast) where you hope to travel and the kind of things you like (i.e. snorkeling, family-friendly waves, beachside bars).
  • Use the topic tags wisely. These tags will ensure that your query is featured on the most relevant pages, where travelers who have the knowledge and experiences can come to your rescue. For example, if your question is about San Francisco, tag it to "San Francisco, California" over "United States" to increase the probability that someone reading our San Francisco guide can pitch in with their recommendations. You can associate up to five topics to each question.
  • Don't ask questions that you can easily find on Google. This includes admission prices, travel distances, hours of operation, etc.
  • No emails or personal addresses in questions — we respect your privacy and think you should too!
  • You must be a registered member of to submit a question, although you are welcome to contribute anonymously once you have registered. Just remember that if you do submit a question anonymously, you won't be able to take advantage of some planned prizes to reward our best contributions.
  • We encourage you to set your profile page to public so that other contributors can see what kind of traveler you are. If they know more about your likes, dislikes, and travel interests, they will be able to give you better advice. You can review your privacy settings and change them at any time here.

Answering Questions

  • We want you to share your expertise, so take part, have fun, be opinionated, and be honest! We expect this to be a community effort (and will be adding more community-moderation tools and features in the coming months to make sure that the best contributions get rewarded), but note that submissions are also carefully moderated internally to ensure they meet our guidelines for decency, relevancy, and tone. Spammers, trolls, and salespeople shilling your services-don't waste your time, or ours!
  • Feel free to answer any question that has already been answered (as well as unanswered questions!). If you don't agree with what's been written by a previous user, don't get irate but provide your own recommendations to add to the collective wisdom. Everyone is entitled to a different opinion. Travel, after all, lends itself perfectly to following undiscovered paths. Think of yourself as the signpost in the weeds.
  • You must be a registered member of to submit an answer, although you are welcome to contribute anonymously once you have registered. Remember, however, that travelers are much more likely to trust advice from a real person. You can review your privacy settings and change them at any time here.

Become a Featured Contributor

  • Earn points when you contribute to our travel Q&A, from asking questions to helping other travelers by answering their questions. Gain bonus points when your answers are upvoted by fellow travelers, when you help answer unanswered questions, plus when the original questioner endorses your answer. Think of this as an informal league to spotlight the most trusted members within the travel community. Take part yourself and you too can showcase your globetrotting travel knowledge by becoming one of our top 100 contributors!

We will update this page with more information as the Q&A library grows. If you have specific feedback for us about ways we can improve the product and the user experience, please let us know here.