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Celebrating anniversary this weekend and want to go to an Ikea.

Would like to stay at a nice hotel (under $100 per night) have a nice dinner and see some sights.
  • Ramirez
     asked this on March 01, 2012 at 08:56 AM
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Depending on how close you want to stay to the IKEA, which is north of Dallas in Frisco, you could look around the big Stonebriar Mall. There's a modern Aloft property (a Starwood brand) that's currently showing rooms for $71/night this weekend ($109 with breakfast). Obviously, you'll need to add in taxes. The hotel is just over a mile from the IKEA. There's plenty shopping up in Stonebriar, plus area restaurants and a few resorts offering spa treatments and the like. It's a bit of schlep to get into Dallas itself, so if you're looking for more nightlife, check out some of the hotel's in Deep Elum and the Dallas Arts District downtown. Might be a little harder to get rooms for under $100, though.
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