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Best tour in New York City when you only have one day?

Wea re arriving Saturday morning and only have the day to see the sights and do some shopping. Thought we'd take a tour bus of some kind in the morning.
  • Carol
     asked this on December 04, 2012 at 12:21 PM
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Hi Carol,

I've actually never done a bus tour through NYC, but I know they have the hop on, hop off red buses. If you are dead set on seeing as many sites as possible then I would look into that option.

Otherwise, the best way to see things is by foot and don't plan on seeing every single thing or you will be exhausted. We went up for a day actually last weekend and started out at Penn Station (34th St & 7th Ave). If you start around there, walk up to Time Square (42nd St & 7th Ave) then continue up 7th Ave, peeking down the streets at the Theater District, then at least walk in to the edge of Central Park (7th Ave & Central Park South), walk east towards 5th Avenue and see FAO Schwartz, The Plaza, and all the holiday store windows that are decorated down through 5th Ave. Around 49th St & 5th Ave you'll see Rockfeller Center and the Christmas tree if you go before New Years. Keep walking along 5th Ave and you'll see Bryant Park & the New York Public Library at 42nd & 5th Ave, also you can take a quick detour over to Grand Central station at 42nd St & Park Ave. Find yourself on 34th St and walk over to 34th St & Broadway/6th Ave and you'll see the famous Macy's from the parades and such. So basically it's a big square and you see most of the sights and sounds minus Ground Zero, Highline Park, Little Italy, Financial District...
Good luck! Enjoy the sights, sounds (& smells) of NYC!
  • MrsJBolt
     answered this on December 05, 2012 at 10:50 AM
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