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Are there clothing-optional beaches available?

  • Orwin B
     asked this on April 16, 2012 at 09:09 PM
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Antigua's Hawksbill Bay includes a stretch that's the island's only nude beach. Public nudity is illegal in the U.S. Virgin Islands, although apparently the beach at Soloman Bay on St. John sees its share of risk-takers (or should that be, risk-taker-off-ers?!). Little Magens on St. Thomas is apparently another little-known local nude spot. Public nudity is a no-no on the Cayman Islands. Generally, when it comes to nudity, you'll see more relaxed attitudes to baring it all on European-influenced islands like those in the French West Indies or Guadeloupe. Other islands including Jamaica and the Dominican Republic have clothing-optional and nudist resorts, where you can wear as little as you want on private property. Obviously, just be respectful of local customs and laws, as some Caribbean countries can be quite conservative towards such things. Be a good ambassador for yours!
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