What to do in Aloha State Park

The beginnings of Aloha State Park date back to 1923 when the State of Michigan was given 28 acres of land to provide a recreational site on the 17,360-acre Mullett Lake. Located at the northern tip of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, the park obtained its name from the small village located next to the 106-acre park. The name "Aloha" was given to the village by the then president of the Detroit and Mackinac Railroad after his return from Hawaii. Development of the park has continued. Electricity was installed in 1950, the boat basin was added in 1971 and as late as 1994 saw road improvements.

Located on the beautiful Mullett Lake, Aloha State Park hosts a variety of outdoor activities. Fishing is very popular year-round. The park invites both campers and day users to access the waters from their boat launch. Picnicking and picnic shelters are available for outdoor dining. The park's campground is divided into three sections: North, Middle and South Campgrounds. A total of 285 sites are available from May 1 to November 1. There are two swimming beaches that have a gentle incline from shore and sandy bottoms. Middle Campground is adjacent to the boat launch and boat basin, which provides a protected harbor for boats of various sizes. There are three play areas with a softball field, horseshoe pits, volleyball court and basketball court. Overnight guests may choose a sunny or shady destination. Modern bathhouses are centrally located. Sanitation stations are provided.

The park is very convenient to the City of Cheboygan, which offers shopping, dining and entertainment. The historic Straits of Mackinac is within a half-hour of the park. The area includes Mackinaw City, Mackinac Island, Fort Michilimackinac and Old Mill Creek Historical Park, as well as the Mackinac Bridge, which is the gateway to Michigan's upper peninsula.

Cross-country skiing and snowmobile trails are nearby. Ask park staff for details.

Aloha State Park visitors enjoy picnicking, group picnicking, a children's playground, boating, camping, and superb fishing.

Aloha State Park is located on the eastern shore of Mullet Lake approximately eight miles south of Cheboygan.

The Straits normally experiences mild summers with average temperatures around 70 degrees F (21 degrees C). Winter temperatures average 14 - 18 degrees F (-10 to -8 degrees C). Yearly rain and snowmelt in the region averages 28 - 36 inches but can be dramatically altered by the "lake effect," thus depositing significant amounts of snow within a short period of time causing hazardous road conditions.

4347 Third Street
Cheboygan, MI 49721-9231

Phone: 231-625-2522

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