Moose in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario (Daryl Benson/Photographer's Choice/Getty)

Rowing in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario (YamadaTaro/Digital Vision/Getty)

Highway along Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario (Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership)


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Fat Paddler rates Algonquin Provincial Park
A particularly pretty part of Canada, this huge wilderness park is a must do for visitors who like to rough it a little. For paddlers there are hundreds of lakes to paddle on, best seen by canoe (it is Canada after all!). There are lots of portage routes marked out and campsites dotted all over the place, both for drive up campers and hikers/paddlers. We stayed at a place nearby called the Wolf Den Bunkhouse, which had both a communal hostel-style bunkhouse as well as a couple of more private cabins. The highlight there was the open fire-pit at night where the visitors all sat around have a few beers and singing songs - very cool! If you do get out on the water, watch out for the Loons - beautiful birds, and a great natural call.
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