What to do in Algonac State Park

Algonac State Park contains thousands of acres along the St. Clair River. The park is home to some of the rarest natural communities in Michigan. Algonac's lakeplain prairies and lakeplain oak savannas are considered globally significant. These special habitats include nineteen species that are on the state list of endangered, threatened, and special concern species. Prairies and oak savannas require periodic burning to remain healthy. Stewardship efforts are underway to restore Algonac's prairies and savannas. The blazing star prairie across from the archery range is a wonderful place to view prairie plants, birds, and butterflies.

Algonac State Park is open all year for a variety of activities. One of the major attractions is viewing the pleasure boats and freighters along the river frontage.

The park has 296 modern campsites found in two campgrounds, the Water Front and the Wagon Wheel. There are three modern bathhouses, electric hookup and a sanitation station. The campground is open all year with modern facilities available April 3 to November 29.

Algonac State Park maintains foot trails for those who wish to hike or cross-country ski. These trails pass through a variety of habitats. The new Lake Plain Prairie Trail allows one to walk through the blazing star prairie.

The park offers boat launching, fishing, picnic area, picnic shelter, and children's playground. Anglers typically snag walleye each summer from the St. Clair River.

In winter, besides cross-country skiing, folks enjoy camping and snowmobiling when a 4" layer of snow has blanketed the earth. A winter store / camp program is also available during off-season months.

For those who enjoy the shooting sports, the park has both an archery range and a trap shooting range. The park is also open to small and big game hunting, during the fall and winter seasons.

The blazing star prairie across from the archery range is a wonderful place to view prairie plants, birds, and butterflies.

The park is also newly handicapped accessible.

Algonac State Park invites you to camp, hunt, fish, hike, target practice, and boat. Viewing scenery, bird life and rare plant life is enjoyed by many. The winter season attracts winter campers, cross-country skiers, and snowmobilers.

Algonac Riverfront-Modern - (800) 447-2757, 220 site(s), $25/$23/$16
Algonac Wagon Wheel-Modern - (800) 447-2757, 76 site(s), $16
Algonac-Group Use Area - site(s), $2.50 per person/per night

Bridge to Bay Trail - 1 (Miles), Biking, Hiking, Other Information
Algonac-Blazing Star - 0.5 (Miles), Hiking, Cross Country Ski, Other Information
Algonac-Oak Savanna Trail - 2.5 (Miles), Hiking, Cross Country Ski, Other Information

Algonac State Park rests two miles north of Algonac off Interstate 94, exit 243. Take I-94 east to exit 243 and drive 20 miles east to the park.

Southeast Michigan is the warmest region in the state with summer temperatures averaging 70 degrees F (above 21 degrees C) but it is not infrequent for days to reach the high 80s. Winter temperatures are warmer as well with averages hovering just below freezing. Yearly moisture amounts range between 18 - 32 inches.

8732 River Road
Marine City, MI 48039

Phone: 810-765-5605

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