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Scott rates Albert E. Sleeper State Park
I am disgusted with the Rangers and DNR and how they handled quiet hours at this campground. I did not enjoy my visit because the stress it caused me to worry about getting removed late at night. I witnessed Rangers/DNR waiting at the road of a campsite for campers to laugh, talk, or just make a noise to loud for them to walk up and warn the guests around the campfire. Absolutely ridiculous for this to happen. I was approached many times throughout my stay for reasons such as my 5 kids were giggling to loud telling stories around the campfire at 11:30pm or when my daughter screamed because a spider crawled on her, DNR came and warned them. I can understand if other guests complain or we are heard from the road but to sneak up and wait to see if guests were going to be loud is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!! I will NEVER stay here again.
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