Bent Brook Golf Course in Birmingham, Alabama (Alabama Tourism Department)

Birmingham skyline from Vulcan Park, Alabama (Alabama Tourism Department)

Downtown Birmingham, Alabama (iStockphoto)

Downtown Birmingham (iStockphoto)

Birmingham, Alabama (iStockphoto)


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Erica rates Birmingham
Very nice place to visit. The people are very friendly and always more than willing to lend a helping hand. There is alot of history in this city, especially with the civil rights movement. I did not get to explore much of it in detail but if I had more time there that is definately something I would do.
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sallison1234 rates Birmingham
Best hotel stay was at The Hotel Highland at Five Points! chic little boutique style gem just steps from Highlands Bar and Grill and Chez Fon Fon!! We will be making a return trip soon!!
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