What to do in Akaka Falls State Park

'Akaka Falls State Park is one gems of the windward side of the the Big Island. The park encompasses 66 acres of lush tropical forest and two scenic waterfalls.

The site offers a moderately difficult but well-maintained, paved loop trail, one-half mile in length. The trail leads through tropical rain forest, leading to viewpoints overlooking two beautiful waterfalls, cascading Kahuna Falls and the free-falling 'Akaka Falls which drops 442 feet into a steep gorge. Restroom facilities are located at the trailhead.

This park is rich in scenic beauty, that lends itself well to photography and opportunities for viewing tropical scenery. The lush terrain also provides excellent opportunities for plant identification. A paved walking path leads visitors to the waterfalls offering a short hike requiring some physical exertion.

This state park lies on the windward side of the Big Island north of Hilo. The site can be accessed from Akaka Falls Road via Hawaii Belt Road.

The island of Hawaii, like the others in the chain, has a windward and leeward climate. The windward (eastern) side of the island receives a lot of moisture. Hilo's monthly averages are above 8 inches. Winter and spring months receive the most moisture, but count on rain if you're traveling in this region. The leeward side can be almost desert like. The mountains are so large on Hawaii, that they trap the moisture on the windward side. Most of the days are sunny on the western coast of Hawaii and hence the tourists flock to this region.

Temperatures on the island of Hawaii are moderate with year round averages near 74 degrees F. The temperatures differ more with elevation than the seasons. Winter clothing such as gloves, hats and layered clothing is necessary if camping in any of the high elevation campgrounds on the island.

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